walker family

walker family
Cali Summer 2007

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Bouldin is 2 and the happiest boy ever!!!! We love to sit & just watch him!! He loves to "play gamths" and
"bathsball" and his favorite food is "chickie nuggeths"!! Yes, he has a lisp and we think it is so cute. I'm sure it wont be so cute in a few years but for now we love it!! Since he is our last child I am trying to do everything I can to keep him a baby for as long as I can!!! So, if he wants his "ginky" till he's 10 so be it!!! I guess orthodontics are for sure in his future!!!!


Tina said...

He's so cute! ...love the big dirty grin.

Kristen and Kevin said...

Don't get too caught up in him being the baby and letting him do whatever for however long! Let me tell you from experience...hence the "making out" (as Kevin calls it) with Connor. I hope it NEVER stops, but when he's 16, it might be a bit weird! HA HA HA

Tricia said...

hey I saw your blog...it's fun to see ya guys again!