walker family

walker family
Cali Summer 2007

Thursday, June 26, 2008

16 Years!!!!

Scott and I stayed at the Crystal Pier Cottages in February to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary! We had the time of our lives! We decided that we are going to make it a tradition and stay here every year! This beach is our favorite place in the world! It is the perfect place to go relax and have a romantic time together!


Easton just turned 14 on June 2nd. I can't believe how old he is getting. He will start high school in August and I can't put into words how much that freaks me out!!!! He loves texting, sports, running, texting, Girls, texting you get the picture. He has had a busy summer. He went on the trek. He also went to scout camp with his dad and papa (they always have a blast)! But his favorite adventure so far has been attending EFY in Flagstaff. He got to room with one of his best friends Jacob and they had the time of their lives!! We feel so blessed that he had this opportunity although we missed him terribly!! When he hasn't been traveling he has been trying to keep in shape by running, playing ball and using his new membership to LA fitness!! E helps me out so much with babysitting. He is so responsible and I never have to worry when he's in charge!!


Jadyn just had her 10th birthday on June 3rd. I can't believe how grown up she is! I have 3 words that best describe Jadyn- Dance, Dance, Dance!!!! She eats, sleeps and breathes it! She just recently competed her first solo and won "high gold"!! She worked so hard to perfect her dance. We were so proud of her!!! JJ loves friends, music and shopping! (I wonder were she gets that from?) We have had so much fun this summer. We have been learning how to make necklaces. It is hobby we both enjoy and we love doing it together. JJ helps me so much and I hope she knows how much I appreciate her!


Brooklyn is 6 and our little smarty pants! She loves to read and play on the computer. She also loves to dance like her big sister JJ! She is the "little mother" of our home. She worries about everyone and will ALWAYS inform me if someone has stepped out of line! She recently lost her 1st and 2nd teeth. After some coaxing she agreed to let her dad pull it out. She was so surprised when she didn't feel a thing!! Brooklyn loves to play with toys. The smaller the better!!! She can get the tiniest toy
out of a gumball machine and hold it in her
hands for days. She cracks us up!!!


Bouldin is 2 and the happiest boy ever!!!! We love to sit & just watch him!! He loves to "play gamths" and
"bathsball" and his favorite food is "chickie nuggeths"!! Yes, he has a lisp and we think it is so cute. I'm sure it wont be so cute in a few years but for now we love it!! Since he is our last child I am trying to do everything I can to keep him a baby for as long as I can!!! So, if he wants his "ginky" till he's 10 so be it!!! I guess orthodontics are for sure in his future!!!!